SealAir take prides in the fact that we are well-versed with the ground realities of the logistics environment since we started as a clearing agent.

SealAir is an International Freight Forwarding Company offering a multimodal of services to meet your business needs. Established in 2000, we started out with a vision to deliver exceptional customer value. At SealAir, customer experience will always be the main focus of our entire operations. Our approach is simple – identify the needs of the customer, provide them timely solutions, measure customer satisfaction and improve the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s work place.

Innovation is one of our core strengths. SealAir specializes in providing expert International Air Freight Forwarding Services, unparalleled and completely customizable to your business requirements. Nothing is off limits when you trust us.

SealAir has a highly motivated, well-educated & trained team of professionals who are fully conversant with every aspect of packaging, warehousing, customs documentation / formalities so as to respond to the varied requirements of our clients.

The holding company of SealAir is Deep Blue Express. Deep Blue was established in 1997, has a global presence and has a turnover of 1 billion Indian rupees. It is providing International Courier services with Tie-ups that include:

  • International Express (DHL, FedEx, and TNT)
  • Golden Kilo award for successive years

Customer satisfaction is our goal; “Professional, Safe, Fast” is our promise to every customer!

We have been offering unmatched value to our clients as one of the leading freight forwarding and custom clearing companies.